Manager Insight Series

Keep Calm and Invest On
March 2020
In volatile times, remember your time horizon, follow facts not feelings, and reposition gradually.
Timing Is Always Right For Diversification
March 2020
A balanced portfolio can help smooth the path to your financial goals and avoid market-timing detours.
Loans or Bonds?
January 2020
There may be a favorable relative-value advantage for floating rate loans over high-yield bonds in the near term.
Twelve for '19
January 2020
Twelve charts illustrating the themes and market environment in 2019.
The Value in Small-Cap Value
December 2019
Using small-cap value stocks is currently the least expensive asset class within U.S. equities, have historically outperformed small-cap growth stocks, and may provide diversification benefits to an investor’s portfolio.
The Case for SMID
November 2019
Over the past 40 years, small- to mid-cap (SMID-cap) stocks have outperformed small- and large-cap equities in both bull and bear markets.
A Tale of Two Markets
October 2019
Divergence in today’s high yield market can be challenging, but also provides opportunity.
Thinking Small
August 2019
Tina Jones from Rothschild & Co Asset Management US Inc., the subadvisor for the Pacific Funds U.S. equity funds, gives her views on the impact of tariffs on domestic small-cap stocks and what the future may hold.
BBB Bubble?
June 2019
Portfolio Managers David Weismiller and Ying Qiu share insights into what’s happening in the BBB space and the impact to investors.
Portfolio Manager Viewpoints
November 2018
Pacific Funds Portfolio Managers JP Leasure and Michael Marzouk discuss the loan market, outlook, and portfolio strategy until the end of 2018.
Pacific Funds Strategic Income Portfolio Manager Q&A
November 2018
Pacific FundsSM Strategic Income Portfolio Manager Brian Robertson discusses the portfolio management team’s investment process and philosophy.
Floating Rate Once Again
October 2017
Bank loan portfolio managers JP Leasure and Michael Marzouk discuss the loan market, outlook, and portfolio strategy for the remainder of 2017.
Fiscal Policy to the Forefront
July 2017
Pacific Funds portfolio managers discuss the current market environment, fiscal and regulatory policy, and their broad positioning for the second half of 2017.
An Alternative to the Sirens’ Song
June 2017
Pacific Funds portfolio managers examine several developments that have increased the focus on alternatives and how the asset class may address two of the more pressing potential risks in capital markets today.
Value, Growth, or Both? A Framework for Allocating to Small-Cap U.S. Equity
June 2017
While investing solely in a small-cap core strategy can provide a set-it-and-forget-it approach, those who believe in rebalancing or taking tactical views may prefer both small-cap value and small-cap growth strategies.
Portfolio Manager Viewpoint
April 2017
Pacific Funds portfolio manager David Weismiller discusses how fixed-income portfolios may be positioned in the post-U.S. presidential election environment.
Climbing the Wall of Optimism
March 2017
Will the surge in consumer and business confidence translate into economic growth? In this article, we discuss this notion and our overall positioning entering 2017.